Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

product imageKelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier Information: If you are an outdoor type of family who enjoy leisure activities such as camping or hiking then you cannot do better than the Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier. It really does meet all of your requirements. It comes with multiple seat adjustment which can enable your child to be positioned higher or lower depending on their size. Unlike other like for like child carriers, it also happens to come with a child friendly kickstand which larger or taller children can use to rest their feet on as well as lots of handy storage.

The kickstand makes all the difference to the child, especially on long journeys. The multiple adjustable straps ensure that this child carrier is suitable for both sexes and any shape or size as it can be adjusted accordingly to adapt to any size torso. It is also one of the few carriers which are ok for larger people to wear comfortably with no niggling safety issues. Kelty manufacture different types of camping equipment so are experts in making products which are durable and safe.

The entire kit without baby weighs 7.8lbs so is not too heavy for a full days hiking. There is a very roomy storage area under the seat where you can place things like packed lunch, sunscreen, a drink or maybe a first aid kit. There us also a detachable bag which zips behind the seat. This bag has a lot of space and can hold a whole days worth of diapers, a change of clothing for baby and even a drink or snack. These storage areas make the planning of day trips much more convenient. You can store all of your child’s things within the carrier so it will save lugging extra bags around with you.

The specs of ‘Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier, Curry’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Kelty
  • Product Dimensions: 25.9×17.6×8.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 7.7 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Daughter and I are impressed”

I’ve been looking for child carriers that appeared suitable for true in-the-woods hiking and which could carry supplies as well as a toddler. I’m using this pack to carry a 20lb 15 month old in Arizona and I’m impressed so far. There are multiple…Read more

“Not the same as Kelty FC3..”

This review entails my experience with three packs. The Kelty FC3, the current FC 3.0 and the Deuter II. I originally owned the older Kelty FC3. Over the course of a year of heavy use, it began wearing out (material was tearing, and ripping, foam was…Read more

“A Great Carrier for wearer and child”

We wanted to get a nice backpack carrier to carry our 21-month old daughter for our upcoming trip to Montana. We were doing lots of hiking around Glacier National Park, but we also wanted it for walks around the neighborhood. We narrowed it down to the…Read more

Kelty FC 3.0 Child CarrierThe Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier is perfectly designed for comfort, style, convenience and safety. It is as though the manufacturers have thought of every little detail when they designed this carrier. The kickboard will fold out when you need to use it, but has no pinch hinges so is perfectly safe and will not run the risk of any little fingers being jammed or pinched. It is made up from an intricate suspension system for maximum safety to both child and wearer.

The material is quite soft and comes with well ventilated side panels which offer coolness and comfort which is essential for the warmer seasons. The harnesses are straight forward to use and offer comfort to the wearer by distributing the child’s weight away from shoulders and back so there will be no unnecessary injuries.

This child carrier is an essential piece of equipment for days out and holidays especially if you have a few children, as this will give you one less hand to hold. Children could even take it in turns to ride in the Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier so that should keep everyone happy. There are no extra worries or headaches with this child carrier because Kelty have taken care of everything for you.

This Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier is the cream of the crop and is the only way for your child to travel in comfort and style. It is a practical solution which you can use again and again until your child or children have outgrown its use.

Get Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier, Curry at the best price available today.

Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier

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