Boba Classic Baby Carrier Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Boba Classic Baby CarrierBoba Classic Baby Carrier Overview: As well as keeping your baby close you when required, extensive research over the years has concluded that babies whose parents use baby carriers go on to develop better motor skills, have higher rates of immunity, are healthier, more confident and learn faster than babies who do not travel in baby carriers. If you had any doubts then using this knowledge can reassure you that you are making the right decision when buying the Boba Classic Baby Carrier.

Unlike many baby carriers or slings, this baby carrier can not be used from birth. Your baby must weigh at least 15lbs and have good head control before using this particular carrier. However once your baby does weigh the recommended 15lbs, you can use it right until your baby weighs 45lbs. Some babies have good head control before they reach this weight so you could use your discretion as to whether it is suitable for your child.

The Boba Classic Baby Carrier is made of a fantastic stretchy material which grows with your baby, making each stage as comfortable as the previous one. It is designed to be extra sturdy so is the ideal carrier for holidays, hiking or general activeness. The hip belt distributes all of the baby’s weight to the lower half of the wearer’s body but there is no strain whatsoever on the shoulders or spine, so no uncomfortable muscle strains. Because the belt is larger than other baby carriers, it is also suitable for larger people to wear and you would not need any type of extension belt.

The specs of ‘Boba Classic Baby Carrier, Glacier’ are:

  • Manufacturer: NAP, Inc
  • Product Dimensions: 13×9.1×3.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Essentially another version of the Ergo baby carrier”

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“This Boba Classic Baby Carrier is an excellent choice for the active mother who wants a happy, comfortable baby!”

Customer Video Review Length:: 1:48 MinsThe Boba is one of those products that is all it claims to be plus some. Many people attempt to compare the Boba with other carriers, but if you start out with the Boba you’re going to love it and will recommend it to everyone…Read more

“One of the best baby carriers – here are some pros & cons”

We have tried over 25 different carriers, and have lots to say about them. First, here are two things about carriers in general:(1) You definitely need a carrier if you want your baby to excel in development, motor skills, emotional maturity,…Read more

When wearing the Boba Classic Baby Carrier, you feel so comfortable that your body will feel relaxed when you are bonding with your child so this in turn will relax your mind and make the whole experience more pleasurable for yourself and your baby. If you are in discomfort you are not going to enjoy trailing around carrying your baby, but this carrier makes it a pleasure. Indeed. The Boba Classic Baby Carrier is the ideal choice for any parent who is seeking long lasting comfort. This baby carrier is so roomy that you can even wear it while traveling as a passenger either in a car or on a bus, leaving your hands free to find soothers, wipes, bibs and formula.

Boba Classic Baby Carrier ReviewBy carrying your baby around in this sling, you have the ability to have face to face contact with your child which gives them reassurance, and they have the chance to be able to touch you when they feel that they need to. Wheeling a baby in a stroller takes away these opportunities and makes you miss out on part of your baby’s development. Plus a baby only sees the world at ground level when in a stroller, possible making them feel vulnerable. The ideal scenario is to use a stroller occasionally and a baby carrier for the majority of the time. You can also do mundane things such as housework and cooking while still maintaining constant contact with your child, ensuring that they will always feel safe and secure.

Wearing a Boba Classic Baby Carrier offers extreme comfort, convenience, safety, confidence and most of all freedom. No more having to worry whether there is an elevator or whether entrances are wide enough to accommodate your stroller. You will always have to take a baby bag out with you whenever you are travelling but you can grab things on the move if you are using a baby carrier instead of having to keep stopping and applying the brakes like you would have to do with a stroller.

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Boba Classic Baby Carrier

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